On Time – On Budget – With Care

ENGINEERING NEWS – 2014/08/01 Page 74-75 – Delivery of first ever 630 mm pipe manufactured in Africa is a success

More than R 3,4 million worth of 630 mm Bore Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) pipes with 6 bars pressure rating – the largest ever manufactured in Africa by DPI Plastics – have been supplied to an irrigation project in Mozambique by AQUSERV, a leading procurement services company for the Chimunda Irrigation System in Mozambique.

AQUSERV director Luís Sampaio reveals that this large-scale project requires high outputs. “In the past, the only solution was to lay two parallel pipelines or to import from Europe at a high cost. These 630 mm uPVC pipes enable the replacement of the normal two pipe pipeline systems by a single pipe only pipeline to deliver the flow rate that is normally required. This has resulted in substantial savings with regards to materials purchases and transportation costs. Furthermore, this significantly reduces installation times and associated costs.”

“PVC is more cost-effective and boasts a longer life expectancy when compared to industry standard steel and concrete, which are often prone to corrosion damage over extended periods. PVC is also highly durable, with low frictional resistance and low wave celerity, thereby ensuring resistance to surges."

Due to the sheer size of the pipes, which come standard in 6 m lengths, transport proved to be a challenge, as the pipes did not initially fit onto the delivery trucks. For this order, the solution was to have the pipes manufactured in 5,5 m lengths, which ensured that all 440 pipes were efficiently delivered onsite by 13 Superlink trucks, each carrying 36 individual pipes.” Sampaio states that additional logistical challenges, including Mozambique’s poor road infrastructure and cross-border red tape, were overcome by strict planning and daily reporting.

“The delivery process was further streamlined through clear and consistent communication between AQUSERV and its client, as well as all relevant suppliers and service providers.” AQUSERV also supplied the client with a wide range of alternate diameter uPVC and Fabricated Steel Pipes and Pipe Fittings, Vertical Shaft Turbine Pumps, Valves and related accessories worth over R 6,5 million, in order to meet the unique demands of this project.”

“Over the years, AQUSERV has developed a reputation for being recognised as a leading integrated end to end provider of complete fluid conveyance solutions, thanks to competitive pricing and client centred service delivery excellence. We have maintained this standard throughout the duration of this phase of the Chimunda Irrigation Project, and feedback from the client has been overwhelmingly positive.”